Polaris Blue is able to design and develop custom Market Automation tools that allow businesses to build the required business rules and processes into an IT infrastructure, where all of the management and administration for those transactions may be automatically applied with greater speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

This ensures that the implementing business may radically reduce all direct and indirect costs associated with such business rule and process application, and may greatly increase their productivity, administrative efficiency and their profitability.


Greater Speed

Greatly increase productivity.



Increase your administrative efficiency



Increase your profitability

Savings – through Market automation

Some examples of the savings that have been achieved through market automation have been calculated at a rate of $60-$75 per manual transaction (including all direct and indirect costs), reduced to approximately $5 per automated transaction. These transactions often run into the tens of thousands in mid to large size organization, literally saving those companies millions of dollars every year.

An example of this would be the market automation of integrating new products from multi-supplier catalogues into a retail business environment, as well as ongoing notifications of in-stock and out-of-stock quantities, with set alarms and automated reorders when certain stock items reach particular levels.