Polaris Blue offers an entire suite of web marketing solutions to help our clients open new sales channels, market their brand and increase their exposure through cost effective web advertising.
It is important to note that building a website without any marketing and/or promotional support severely hampers the sites potential to succeed. The basic premise is that one can spend $100 or $100,000 on building a website. If no one knows it exists, it will probably not succeed.
Our web marketing solutions include:

Online Marketing

Polaris Blue offers tailored online marketing solutions to best suit our clients needs. These include ad banner development and placement; Email marketing campaigns, content writing and achieving traction, review and prominence within accepted industry-specific web portals.

Site Statistics and Reporting

In-depth site statistics enable marketing dollars to be spent in the right areas, which therefore maximizes and optimizes the results from a company’s marketing spend, and which then improves their ROI. Our powerful statistical software allows our reports to help our clients (in conjunction with ourselves) design a targeted and effective marketing strategy based on customer demographics and habits.

Adword PPC (Pay Per Click) Mgt.

Google Adwords and Overture are the two major PPC engines. Our PPC Management Campaign essentially consists of 8 salient features. These features will provide comprehensive overview of your PPC campaigns. The most popular Pay Per Click engines are Google Adwords select and Overture.

Pay Per Click Campaign Salient Features:

  • Keyword Research
    We do extensive research on your market and come up with lists of all potential keywords that will highly benefit you.
  • Keyword Selection
    We eliminate certain keywords, which have a potentially low Return on investment. Typical example of such keywords would be the key phrases that include the word “Free” in them. This essentially means that the mentality of the person searching the Internet is not to spend money.
  • Attractive Ad Copy
    We create attractive, salable ad copy, which will increase the probability of a click from the search engine traffic.
  • Bid Management
    We have an initial consulting session with you, whereby, we decide upon the bid rates. Based on these rates we optimize each Ad groups, so that they yield maximum returns.
  • Traffic Analysis
    We analyze the traffic coming to the website – the paths they follow and their exit routes. This helps us in finding any anomalies (if present).
  • Campaign Tweaking
    Based on the reports we provide, we will further tweak the campaign to increase the return on investment by adding or deleting certain Ad groups or under performing keywords. We may also run multiple Ads of same keyword by rephrasing the same to target some specific audiences.
  • Campaign Reporting
    We will give weekly reports of the campaign and over a period of time we will analyze these reports.
  • ROI Calculations
    We calculate the Return On Investment for your keywords. This data is invaluable, because in 3 months time you will have an extensive database of maximum performing keywords for your site.